But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile,
and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.

Jeremiah 29:7


SEEK is a generosity initiative to refocus our vision to saturate New York City with the Gospel and to bless and transform the life of the city and the world. Through this bold new step, we are increasing our commitment by investing ourselves and our resources in Queens and our city beyond.


Movement Dynamics

Our vision grows out of a burden to take our church from its temporary space, into the city through the movement of church planting. This will allow us to better serve the ethnically diverse nature of our city as well as mirror the welcoming nature of God. Putting down roots in a community will bring spontaneous growth of diverse but united congregations that share a devotion to God’s kingdom and a common vision and belief. It is through this movement that we will raise up, equip, and support young lay leaders.

Missional Community

We do not seek our own prosperity or simply peace of our church, but we seek the welfare of the whole city. As we share life together with the body of Christ in our new home, we seek to be a contrast community to the society around us. We seek, for our families and neighbors, a space that feels like being home in God’s house.

Ministry Balance

We seek to connect ourselves and our neighbors to God through evangelism and worship, connect us to one
another through community and discipleship, connect us to the needs of Flushing through mercy and justice, and connect all of us through the integration of faith and work. We may have been simply seeking a space but, God has provided a house of worship. With His guidance, we will no longer be guests in a building but family in our Father’s house bringing visible presence in our neighborhood.


We are asking everyone at LFCC to pray, engage, and give in new ways. As you consider your part in this vision, ask yourself:
• If someone were to look at how I use my time, my energy and my money, what would they learn about my priorities?
• Am I engaged in the lives of my neighbors in a way that looks like other New Yorkers or have those interactions been changed by the gospel?
• What difference do I want my financial commitment to our vision to make in my heart and life? Will my pledge change me and allow me to more meaningfully invest myself in this vision for our city?

Do you have more questions? Click here to visit our Seek Campaign FAQ.