2018 Retreat

Church: Why Bother?

Subsidized room rates (per person) are as follows:
o $213: double occupancy
o $170: triple occupancy
o $147: quad occupancy
o $59: per child ages 11-16
o $36: per child ages 6-10
o Children 5 and under are FREE

Regular room rates (per person) are as follows:
o $236: double occupancy
o $188: triple occupancy
o $163: quad occupancy
o $65: per child ages 11-16
o $40: per child ages 6-10
o Children 5 and under are FREE

Family Rates:
o 1 Adult + Children: Single adult rate* + (Children’s rate X # of children)
o 2 Adults + Children: Double adult rate + (Children’s rate X # of children)
* Single Adult rates: $345 Early Bird; $383 Regular Registration

Additional Details:
o Linens and towels are provided.
o Crib or cot available upon request for $20 per stay.
o Refrigerators are available upon request for $20 per stay.



Honors Haven Resort & Spa
1195 Arrowhead Rd.
Ellenville, NY 12428
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Church: Why Bother?

What is the meaning of church and why do we have to attend every week? Why do we have to be tied to organized religion? Isn't belief in Jesus enough? 

Many of us come to church every Sunday but don’t know why. Our retreat theme this year is “Church: Why Bother?" We’ll come together to ask some serious questions about the meaning and mission of the church. We’ll share our expectations and personal stories of why we bother to stay in the church. We’ll even hear from others who are not a part of the church and learn from their thoughts. 

Session 2

God’s Halfway House

Ephesians 3:14-4:24

Discussion Questions:

  • Discuss why people don’t like going to church? Are those issues valid in your opinion? How are the people of LFCC as answer to some of these concerns? In what ways might the congregation and community of LFCC be contributing to some of the valid opposition to being a committed part of a church?

  • Have you ever lived and thought of yourself as an individual believer with a personal faith? Discuss the drawbacks others and you, personally, may have experienced having lived like that. 

  • Discuss some challenges in being submissive and serving each other in a church community. What about the challenges of submitting your heart and life to the vision and mission of LFCC and its leadership? 

  • What needs to change in you and the community for you and others to become more submissive in fellowship, leadership and community at LFCC? Use the scripture in your answer. 

  • What did Jesus do that makes holy, submissive community at LFCC possible for you and others? Use the scripture to support your answer. 

Session 3

Every Body Come Together

I Corinthians 12:12-30

Discussion Questions:

  • Who is the “in” and “it” crowd at LFCC?  What is it about this group of people make them seem like the “in” or “it” group at your church? Are you part of the “in” or “outside” clique? Why or why not?

  • Who are the “overlooked” and “outsiders” at LFCC? (answers may all be different) Why is that?

  • Discuss what gifts and place you play in your church community? Where could you fit in? If you can’t find a place or don’t want to find a place to serve and be served, share with others in your group why. How can you finding a place to serve and be served be better facilitated by the community?

  • If you were to leave your church community, would you be missed? Discuss why or why not? 

  • Who and what gift or group is “missing” in your opinion at LFCC? How may God be calling you personally and LFCC corporately to find and raise up the missing pieces?

  • What is it about Jesus that makes us able to respect one another’s diverse stories, callings, gifts and abilities in a diverse community like a church? Use the scripture to answer.

Session 4

Soul Food

Luke 22:14-38

Discussion Questions:

  • Discuss how you believe you are fed spiritually in your life? 

  • Compare and contrast spiritual and emotional growth personally versus doing so with others. What graces of God does the church as a spiritual community have together that you don’t and can’t have alone or outside of it?

  • You may have heard of or experienced being a committed believer that has “burned out” being involved in the life of the church. How could this happen in a place that is for soul nourishment? 

  • How is what and how we serve each other in the church determine whether we are nourished or exhausted by participating in the life of the church? Use the scripture to answer, but use real life LFCC and personal applications. 

  • What is it about the gospel and what the gospel says and means that prevents “burn out” and keeps the fire of love and mission alive and joyful in us and our church? Use the scripture to answer. Use practical applications to your life and LFCC.