Faith & Work

In Christ Jesus, Work Can Be Restored.


Faith & Work

Work is Good. Work is Broken.
In Christ Jesus, Work Can Be Restored

The Faith & Work Ministry at Living Faith aims to seed and cultivate a rich Christian vision of work. We want to empower men and women to realize the fullness of their Christian identity at work. Our hope is that we will all see our work as an essential place where we can serve the Lord Jesus, express the gifts and abilities he has given us to steward, serve our neighbors, and be salt and light for the common good.

The Faith & Work Ministry includes four elements: 



Theology of Work Class

This three-session class exists to educate our church on the splendor and beauty of the biblical view of work. We desire that everyone in our church family, youth to elderly, would lay claim to the truth that: 

  • We are created in the image of working God and created for good works.

  • Our work is an important component of life's meaning, purpose, and blessing
    (and a place which is deeply impacted by sin).

  • Our work is also where we glorify God and love others.

In 2019, the course is offered either in three Sunday afternoon sessions (starting March 3) from 2-4 p.m. or one Saturday workshops at COSL in Manhasset from 2-6 p.m.

Sunday Class Schedule

March 3rd—Session 1: The Place of Work in the Story of the World

March 17th—Session 2: Made in the Image of a Working God

March 31st—Session 3: Life to the Full: The Sacred Vocations

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Saturday Workshop Schedule

March 2nd—Workshop: Called to Life in the Image of a Working God (this will cover the 3 Sunday afternoon format.)

May 11th—Workshop 1: Called to Life in the Image of a Working God (this will cover classes 1-3 in the Sunday afternoon format.)

The Saturday workshops are repetitive so you just need to attend one workshop.

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Faith @ Work Gathering

Faith @ Work Gatherings bring the church together for worship, teaching, and fellowship over work. We believe that coming together as the Body of Christ in worship is a vital element for connecting our Christian faith to our work. These afternoons include teaching and significant time in vocational break-outs led by assigned and equipped facilitators.

Faith @ Work Gatherings are scheduled in 2019 for January 13th, February 10th, March 10th, April 7th, May 5th, and June 2nd.



Vocational Groups

Vocational groups are a central component of the Faith @ Work Gatherings.  These groups bring together men and women based on a shared field of work. Groups currently include healthcare, education, finance/ accounting, fashion, IT, nonprofit/ government, architecture/ engineering, art, corporate, homemaking, law, real estate, marketing/ advertising, skilled trades & public service, students, and entrepreneur/ small business owner. 

In these groups, Christians can share frustrations, celebrate triumphs, pray for one another, seek the will of God in his Word, and pursue justice & mercy alongside men and women who understand the complexities and challenges of their work field. We believe that gathering with others in our fields deepens fellowship, emboldens and sharpens prayer, and helps us ask better questions of God and his Word.




On October 21, 2018, Living Faith commissioned seven members for their work.  This commissioning proclaimed the truth that all legitimate work can be done in response to the calling of Christ and should be understood as "full-time Christian work."

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